Top 30 Software and Mobile Development Trends in 2023:

Top 30 Software and Mobile Development Trends in 2023:

In the modern digital world, mobile apps are playing a significant role in making people’s daily life easy during their day-to-day tasks. With the introduction of smartphones and tablets, many people are using mobile devices as their main resources of communication and commerce. In the past decade, there has been a sudden shift in the […]

Why should developers use angular framework for programming?

Why should developers use angular framework for programming?

An angular framework is a type of frontend framework that is best for building single-page applications for developers. This framework is best for creating large applications sustainably with the implementation of core functionality as an asset of typescript libraries. Frontend frameworks are used to boost web development efficiency just by providing the developers with a […]

Top 10 programming languages of 2023 to build a website:

programming languages to build a website

If you are a web developer, then choosing a programming language is one of the first tasks for your web app development. Hundreds of programming languages are already available there. That means you have so many choices of programming languages but making the right choice for your project is one of the important things. And […]

9 methods to Prevent API Attacks:

How to Prevent API Attacks

API (application programming interface) is used for communication between applications. The use of API by cyberattacks is increasing explosively in recent years. Since it is difficult and time consuming for businesses to develop a variety of functions from scratch every time, frequently used functions are organized and delivered in the form of OS and middleware. […]

Why Should You Use React for Web Development?

Use React for Web Development

The second most web framework among software developers worldwide is called React. It is one of the popular front-end JavaScript libraries used for web development. It is commonly used for creating user interfaces. In 2011 Facebook, largest social networking website introduced the software React for the very first time as an open source. In the […]

Top 10 Popular Software for Healthcare Sectors:

popular Software for Healthcare Sectors

Healthcare sectors are one of the most composite industries to digitalize as it comprises many shareholders: from hospitals and medical centers, through doctors, pharmaceutical and research companies, up to patients themselves. These industries are in the midst of a technological transformation to improve patient care. During the pandemic in 2019, these healthcare sectors gained much more importance […]

Front-End vs. Backend: What’s the Difference?

Difference between Front End and Backend

All websites require front-end and backend two main specialization areas within web development. Front-end development deals with the visual aspects of a website – the part that users see and interrelate with. Back-end development includes a site’s structure, system, data, and logic. Together, front-end and backend development intermingle to create interactive, and functional websites. While […]

Best backend frameworks of 2023 for web developers:

backend frameworks for web developers:

Web development is normally divided into two frameworks, Front-end frameworks, and backend frameworks. The front-end framework interacts with the users and the backend is responsible for inner working.  Though a front-end may or may not work without a backend but is very important to have a proper connection between the backend and the front-end for […]

Why Blockchain is the future of the internet?

Blockchain is the future of the internet

What is blockchain? Blockchain is the decentralized digital ledger of transactions that facilities the process of recording transactions and tracking data in a way to prevent it from hacking and altering. This is done by coping transactions and diffusing them to “nodes” across the network. Blockchain is not just a technology, but primarily a new […]

Best Front-End Frameworks of 2023 for Web Development:

Front-end Frameworks for Web Development

Front-end frameworks are the pioneer blocks of the software and web development process for transferring data to the graphical interface. They facilitate and maintain the development of big projects for web developers.  They offer several templates to interrelate with browser components, including prepared code that programmers can use for fixing common programming tasks. When a […]